Thank you for visiting the Tru180° website.  My name is Art Schildgen and I started Tru180° with my wife, Stephanie, in December of 2017. Although Tru180° is a fairly new company, it has been in the making for many years.  The name is meant to symbolize; a change in direction; a reversal of one’s current path.


For us, it reflects our views on the environment, global warming and the general health of the planet.  We want to build a company that is important to the world we live in and the people that we interact with. 


Our flagship products, outdoor furniture, made from recycled milk jugs and other plastics, are just the beginning of what we hope to be an extensive line of earth friendly products, made locally that we can all be proud to own.


It is our sincerest hope that our Tru180° products can change the direction of busy day!